Crafty Bear

Welcome to Crafty's very own page, you will find pictures of the bear himself, and information all about Crafty.  


Crafty is a lovable teddy who loves arts and crafts! He was born on 31st March 2008 in Bearsville.

He found Chingford and decided this is where he would make his home.


Crafty loves Children and adults of all ages, he gets so happy when people come and say hello, give him high 5's and have their photos taken with him.

When Crafty is not welcoming people into the shop he is out and about at events, fetes and festivals, saying hi to everyone and often showing his dance moves! Sometimes he has to go to a special Crafts school, to learn all the new arts and crafts so he can do them in the shop. He loves birthday parties, playing games and dancing with all the boys and girls. His favourite colour is Blue and his favourite time of year is Christmas, because he loves presents and he is a good friend of Father Christmas, sometimes he even gets to go on Santa‚Äôs Sleigh!!

Crafty is always out and about in the local area, if you see him please come and say hi, it will make his day. Also, to all you parents and guardians take a quick snap, upload it to our facebook page and tag yourself and you will receive an in store discount from Crafty Bear!


A note from crafty...

Hi Boys and Girls,
This is just a quick message from me to you. I love arts and crafts, especially painting and I love to see you all happy and smiling while you work in my 'Craft Cabin'. You will always see me at birthday parties at the Craft Cabin, but every now and then I pop into the shop to say 'hi' to all those lucky to be in on the day. Learning is very improtant so just like you, I have to go to school, so I can't always be there, but when I am, if you see me please come and say hi and give me a High-5!
Well I have to go now, I have a football money box to paint and then save my pocket money in it!
I look forward to meeting you all soon.
Love Crafty x