Artist fee (use of paints, glue, tools, gems)  £3.50

Artist fee for accompanying adult creating own craft  £1.00

Take away on the day Ceramic/ Wooden items   £3.00-£8.50 

Firing range £5.00-£12.50

Foam Clay   50p

Mosaic tiles   50p

Design your own jute bag  £8.50-£14.50

Teddy making and teddy t shirt/ bag design  £11.00

T-Shirt Design £5.95

Take away Craft Kits  from £1.99                                           

PARTIES (2 hours minimum 10)

£14.50 per head party themes

Ceramic/ Wooden items Painting (take home on the day) 


Lego themed

T shirt design

Sweet Tree making                                                                  

Foam Clay                                                                             

Jute bag design

Jewellery making and jewellery box craft (age 6+)

£16.00 per head party themes

Kiln range painting 

Bear making and teddy t shirt/ bag design

Chocolate Making (E4 only)

Glow in the Dark (Foam Clay, T shirt or Bag Design)

GROUP BOOKINGS (1.5 hours  minimum 6)                

£12.50 per head group bookings themes     

Ceramic/ Wooden items painting (take home on the day)


T shirt design            

Sweet tree making

Foam Clay

Jute Bag design

Jewellery making and jewellery box craft

£14.00 per head group booking themes 

Kiln range painting

Bear making and teddy t shirt/ bag design

PARTY EXTRAS (optional)

Personalised Chocolate bars  75p each                                     

Pick 'n' Mix  £1.50 a bag or £2.75 a jar

Face Painting (minimum spend £30.00)  £3.00 per head

Glitter Face Art (minimum spend £35) £3.50 per head

Glitter Tattoos  (minimum spend £20.00) £2.00 each

Additional Party Bag gifts  from £1.99

Handprint canvas    £14.99

Characters   £25 each or 2 for £45

Adult Buffet (minimum 15)    £2.50 per head

Adult tea and cakes (minimum 15)  £2.00 per head

Afternoon Tea food and table layout £1.50 per head

PARTIES IN A BOX (minimum 6)

From £6.95 per head (includes sweets, personalised chocolate bars and party bags)

Ceramic/ Wooden items

Teddy making and teddy t shirt or bag design

Wholesale Supply 

For wholesale prices of stock that we make, please contact us for a brochure.

Please see below for a better insight into our items prices. Please note, stock changes regularly.